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💕 The Hero and The Princess 💕

Tri-force bullet by CyphonFiction cherry blossoms a by DiegoVainilla Itsy bitsy Link by hexsy pink heart {big} by DiegoVainilla Itsy Bitsy Zelda by hexsy cherry blossoms b by DiegoVainilla Tri-force bullet by CyphonFiction
Every hero needs his princess, and every princess needs her hero

Link and Zelda are the most amazing pairing from Nintendo, they've been through so much together, fighting by each other's side, spending heartfelt moments with each other, and always being there for the other. They're inseparable, cannot live without each other, and have so much potential to be together.

Link stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria 342 by Reykholtz Zelda stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria

:bulletgreen: Skyward Sword Link + Zelda :bulletpink:
Skyward Sword Link stamp by crazyfreak Skyward sword Zelda stamp by crazyfreak
Skyward shipping by ryttu3k ZeLink Stamp by Misses-Weasley Zelink Fan by Allendra3 Zelink stamp 4 by crazyfreak +PC+ Zelink Stamp 1 by Sky-Yoshi Zelink stamp 5 by crazyfreak Skyward Sword ZeldaxLink by crazyfreak Skyward sword Zelink 3 stamp by crazyfreak The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword Stamp 2 by DMN666 Skyward Sword Zelink 2 stamp by crazyfreak Request (PinkPrincessBlossom) (4) by EmpathicDesign Skyward Sword Zelink stamp by crazyfreak SS Zelink my OTP by crazyfreak Skyward Sword by Stampero LinkxZelda Stamp by HystericDesigns Skyward Sword Stamp by razzberridust ZeLink (Custom Request) by EmpathicDesign

:bulletgreen: Twilight Princess Link + Zelda :bulletpurple:
TP Link Stamp by WebbiSnekki :.STAMP::Zelda-Light Arrows.: by LordOfPastries
'Together for all Time' by Sunshinylisee Zelink Stamp by Jokersita Zelink Fan Stamp by warangel509 Link X Zelda Stamp by GameAndWill Green Team Stamp: Link + Zelda by Arcticwaters TP stamp 2. by Super-Seme-Riku +PC+ Zelink Stamp 2 by Sky-Yoshi Zelink by KirbyTiffTuff4ever Tp!Zelink stamp by Queen--Zelda

:bulletgreen: Ocarina of Time Link + Zelda :bulletpink:
Older Link by mediodia91 Older Zelda by mediodia91
Young Link by mediodia91 Young Zelda by mediodia91
OoT Zelink Stamp by Super-Jestar Stamp - Zelda x Link by MJ-Kagamine ZeldaxLinkStamp by Allendra3 Zelink stamp by Clopina .~Ocarina of Time Zelink stamp~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess ZeLink Stamp by MrsZeldaLink Link x Zelda stamp by ZorctheDemented Request (PinkPrincessBlossom) (3) by EmpathicDesign Request (PinkPrincessBlossom) (8) by EmpathicDesign Zelink stamp by Amystarzel Link and Zelda Love Stamp by Schreibaby-Zephyr Young Link x Zelda by bubblymilktea Legend Of Zelda Stamp by Timinater94 The Legend Of Zelda 1 (1) by EmpathicDesign I support LinkxSheik by ryttu3k The Legend Of Zelda 1 (3) by EmpathicDesign

:bulletgreen: Hyrule Warriors Link + Zelda :bulletpink:
hyrule warriors by pulsebomb .:HW Princess Zelda Stamp:. by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule
Link x Zelda Stamp by MissToxicSlime Zelink -Hyrule Warriors (( Stamp)) by Soraya-Mendez Link x Zelda - Stamp by xxGaby-23xx Sheik x Link - Stamp by xxGaby-23xx

:bulletblue: Breath Of The Wild Link + Zelda :bulletblue:
zelda breath of the wild by pulsebomb link breath of the wild by pulsebomb
[Comm.] BotW LinkXZelda stamp by TheKitsuneAlchemist Zelink Stamp by Pegasister28

:bulletgreen: Toon Link + Zelda :bulletpink:
::Link Stamp:: by pwincessbri ::Zelda Stamp:: by pwincessbri
.~Toon ZeLink stamp~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess ToonLinkxToonZelda stamp by HystericDesigns Toon Zelda x Toon Link - Stamp by xxGaby-23xx Zelink (Link x Zelda) Stamp by misawafujisaki-stamp Stamp Zelda and Link by Karin75146 ST ZeLink Stamp by MrsZeldaLink

:bulletblue: Tetra + Link :bulletgreen:
Tetra Stamp by VENOMzaNiMe12 stamp :: toon link by kinies
Tetra x Toon Link - Ship Stamp by Pin-eye TeLink Stamp by Critterz11 Adult Link +Tetra Stamp by BeagleTsuin Toon Link x Tetra - Stamp by xxGaby-23xx I Support LinkxTetra by maplerawr TeLink stamp by Icy-Snowflakes

:bulletgreen: Classic Link + Zelda :bulletpink:
'8-Bit Link' by Sunshinylisee TLOZ - Zelda by GaaraSakuraForever
.~Classic Zelink stamp~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess

:bulletgreen: Oracle of Ages / Seasons Link + Zelda :bulletpink:
LOZ: Oracles Link by Vulpixi-Stamps Princess Zelda stamp by MissToxicSlime
Zelda x Link Stamp by MissToxicSlime

:bulletgreen: A Link To The Past Link + Zelda :bulletpink:

:bulletgreen: A Link Between Worlds Link + Zelda :bulletpink:

:bulletgreen: Link + Hylia :bulletwhite:
Hylia stamp by Misses-Weasley
LinkxHylia Stamp by xxGaby-23xx

:bulletblack: Dark Link + Dark Zelda :bulletpurple:
Dark Link Stamp by z-e-p-p-y
Dark Link x Dark Zelda - Ship Stamp by Pin-eye

:bulletpurple: Ravio + Hilda :bulletpurple:
The Legend of Zelda Stamp - Hilda by Black2WhiteMystery The Legend of Zelda Stamp - Ravio by Black2WhiteMystery
LoZ - Ravio x Hilda Stamp by KyuuketsukiNeko [Comm.] Ravio X Hilda Stamp by TheKitsuneAlchemist Ravio X Hilda by KirbyTiffTuff4ever


💖 Information💖

stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios Hyrule Warriors -  Zelink Pink Divider by MissToxicSlime stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios

Pink Points by zara-leventhal Commission Info Pink Points by zara-leventhal

Commission Info

 Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Rules Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! 

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! If you wish to note me for a commission, please get back to me within 2-3 days.. don't just leave me there! I'm sure others are going to want commissions as well, so please note me if you're interested! 
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Original Characters or Fan Characters.. this is a BIG one. Do NOT just say that the character is in your gallery so that I have to go find it, PLEASE link to me a CLEAR and colored reference of the character. I'm serious, this has happened to me before :| (Blank Stare) So let this be a reminder! 
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Also, please let it be known that I usually prefer to draw Fan Characters or Canon Ch

[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Bow by Gasara Art Trade Info [-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Bow by Gasara

AT Info. Journal
STATUS: Closed
Bullet; Pink RULES Bullet; Pink 
pink heart bullet Those who do want to trade with me must comment on this journal only. 
pink heart bullet The same rules apply for Commissions, if you want me to draw your OC/FC, please link to me a CLEAR AND COLORED reference of said character! 
pink heart bullet And again, I usually tend to draw Fanart/FCs, but OCs are accepted too! 
pink heart bullet Also lets be fair, when I do Art Trades with someone, I want to make sure the drawing I do looks good for them, so I'd like for the trades I get to have an equal amount of quality if that makes sense ^^; no quick sketches or bases. 
pink heart bullet Also.. PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR

tiny light pink heart by DiegoVainilla Collab Info tiny light pink heart by DiegoVainilla

Collab Info. Journalferrugineum fabric border d 3 ferrugineum fabric border b 2 ferrugineum fabric border d 3 
STATUS: Closed For Now

 pink heart {big} Rules pink heart {big} 
 Bullet Pink Those who want to collab with me must comment on this journal only 
 Bullet Pink If you're the one doing the sketch, please make sure it looks neat, and not completely messy. Other wise it may be a little hard to outline ^^;
 Bullet Pink Do not rush me, if I'm doing the sketch or I'm coloring your sketch, please wait. These things take time, and I want it to look good in the end. 
 Bullet Pink 
Also, do not get upset

Love Pink by daniya-ART Shipping List Love Pink by daniya-ART

cherry blossoms a green by DiegoVainilla cherry blossoms b green by DiegoVainilla

stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios The Pink ZeLink Princess stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios

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Zelink by MissToxicSlime Zelink Pink Heart by MissToxicSlime Twilight Princess Zelink by MissToxicSlime
BOFW - Zelink by MissToxicSlime